Q: What is SHRM?
A: SHRM is the Society for Human Resource Management and has an international membership of over 250,000 members.

Q. How do I join CC SHRM? Why should I join?
A. To join, please click here. To find out more information on why you should join CC SHRM, click here

Q: What is CC SHRM’s relationship to SHRM?
A: In 2010 CC SHRM became Maryland’s 10th and newest chapter in the State that is affiliated with SHRM. CC SHRM is an independent enterprise with its own bylaws and board of directors. As a SHRM affiliate, CC SHRM does follow certain guidelines set by SHRM in exchange for the affiliation and receiving certain funding from SHRM.

Q: I already belong to another SHRM chapter; can I belong to more than one SHRM chapter?
A: Yes! You may belong to as many as you like. Chapters receive funding from SHRM for each member that designates that chapter as their “primary” chapter. To designate CC SHRM as your primary chapter, click on the “Membership” section of the website, download the primary designation form and fax it to SHRM’s Member Relations (instructions on the form).

Q: What is the Maryland SHRM State Council?
A: The MD SHRM State Council is a body with a Board of Directors that serves as a liaison from SHRM to all the Maryland SHRM affiliated chapters to provides resources and information from SHRM to the chapters and vice versa.

Q: What does it cost?
A: Our rates are as follows: meetings are $15 for members and $25 for non-members. The annual membership costs are $40 for SHRM members, $60 for non-SHRM members, and $25 for student members. Please make checks out to Carroll County SHRM. We also accept cash payment and Paypal.

Q. I have a question not listed here.
A. Please contact us by clicking here.